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Activating and confirming your ABSS or MYOB data file

The ABSS Activation and Confirmation processes are the same.

Activation is for new data files, whereas confirmation is for an existing data file that you have already activated and are currently using.

When you create a new data file, and you open it, you will see this screen

activate or confirm your abss (myob) company file

There are  3 options:

  1. I want to activate/confirm my company file online
  2. I want to activate/confirm my company file later
  3. I want to mark this company file as Read Only

Each new ABSS file that you create will have a seven day grace period

Activate online

activate your abss (myob) company file online

For online activation/confirmation, you will require an active internet connection.

The ABSS application connects directly with ABSS’s licence server through the internet to authenticate your licence.

This is the fastest and most convenient way to activate/confirm your data file.

Activate by phone

activate your myob file by phone

To activate or confirm your company file by phone, select the second option and click Continue.

You will see the same screen as for online confirmation, except that it will say “Activate by Phone” instead of “Activate Online”

Note: This option is NOT available in newer versions of ABSS.

In this screen, if this is a new data file, you will be asked to provide your serial number.

Key in your serial number in the field provided and press the Tab  key on your keyboard.

MYOB will generate a 10 digit numeric key in the Company File Code field.

This code is unique to each data file.

Existing data files will already have the serial number  and Company File Code displayed.

Click Continue

myob company file confirmation status

The MYOB application will then attempt to contact the licence server for confirmation.

If the file is successfully confirmed, you will receive a message as shown below.

myob file confirmation succeeded

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