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How to locate your ABSS or MYOB Company File ID

ABSS licencing also takes into account the number of company files for each licence.

Your initial purchase comes with 5 company files, which means you can create and use ABSS files for 5 different companies.

Should you require more company files, you can purchase them additionally.

Each company file that you create will be assigned a Company File ID, which essentially is a counter of the number of files that you create and activate.

To check the ID of your company file:

  1. Start the ABSS program
  2. Open your data file
  3. Click on Help, then About ABSS…
How to check your ABSS (MYOB) file ID

The Company File ID is displayed at the top right of the screen.

How to check your ABSS (MYOB) file ID

An ID of 0 (zero) would mean that it is a newly created company file that has not been activated yet.

If you tried to activate the file but got an error, it could probably mean that you have exceeded the number of files licenced to your serial number.

You can check this by opening any previously created company files and checking the ID there.

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