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ABSS Premier has multi-currency accounting feature.

This enables you to record sales and purchase transactions in currencies other than your home currency.

For example, you might sell your products to overseas customers and invoice them in US dollars.

You could also be purchasing goods from suppliers in other countries who will invoice you in US dollars.

With ABSS Premier, you can issue the invoice in US dollar, as well as record the supplier invoice in the currency in which it was invoiced.

Turning on multi-currency

Before you can start recording transactions in other currencies, you must first turn on the feature in ABSS Premier.

To turn on multi-currency, open your file, then click on Setup and Preferences.

ABSS Premier Preferences menu

In the Preferences screen, under the System tab, select the “I Deal in Multiple Currencies” option, then click OK.

ABSS Premier multi-currency option

Currency list

Once you turn on the multi-currency feature, you will be able to view a list of default currencies that is available in ABSS Premier.

To view the list of the default currencies, click on Lists, then Currencies.

Note that if you do not see the currencies option in the menu, it means you have not turned on the multi-currency feature.

ABSS Premier list of currencies

When you click on the Currencies menu, you will be able to view a list of currencies that are already available in ABSS Premier.

You can edit the currency details as well as add new currencies from this screen.

ABSS Premier list of Currencies

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