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ABSS Premier is a network ready solution.

What this means is you can have multiple users updating ABSS Premier at any one time.

Although ABSS Premier is network ready, you will first need to setup your computers or laptops to enable sharing so that every user opens and updates the same file.

Network configuration

ABSS Premier sharing can be setup on a file server or on a peer to peer network configuration.

File server confguration

With this configuration, the ABSS company file is saved on a dedicated computer which acts as a file server.

All users will access and open the file from the file server.

file server configuration

Network attached storage (NAS)

With the file server configuration, instead of using a dedicated computer, you can also have a NAS (Network attached storage).

Similar to the above, all users will access the file from the NAS.

network attached storage

Peer to peer network

ABSS Premier can also be setup on a peer to peer network configuration.

In this configuration, one of the computers will be the main computer that will have the ABSS company file.

The other computers will access the file from the main computer.

peer to peer network

Before setting up your network, decide on which you configuration you prefer and which computers will be part of this network.

It will make it easier for you to manage the network for ABSS Premier.

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