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To start with, let’s get familiarised with the toolbar.

When you select a form to customise, you will find the toolbar at the top of the screen.

The toolbar allows you to add fields, images, as well as draw lines and rectangles as required.

add data fields and columns

The first button allows you to add either data fields or columns to the form.

Data fields and columns are used to display the data that you enter.

For example, the date you enter in the Enter Sales screen is a data field.

Whereas, the details you enter such as item number, unit price, etc are data columns.

add a text field

This button is to add a description on the form.

If you wanted to add a field named “Invoice to:”, then you would use the text field tool.

Use the image button to add your company logo or other images you wish to add to the form.

rectangle tool

To draw a box on the form, use the Rectangle tool.

line tool

Use the line tool to draw lines.

undo tool

If you made a mistake use the Undo button.

send field to the back

Sometimes, fields overlap, and you need to access the one field that was placed behind another.

Select the field that appears to be in front, and click the Send to back button, and you will be able to access the field that was behind.

bring field to the front

This is the opposite of Send to back.

Select the field, then click on Bring to Front.

field font properties

To change or set font properties of a field, select it, then click on the font button.

form properties

Select this button to modify the paper size, margins, etc of the form that you are customising.

preview form

To preview how the form looks, click on this button.

Note that in the preview, it will display sample data, not the actual data, but you will be able to see how the form looks when printed out.

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