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For each of the customise options, you can select a layout that you want to customise.

Cheques and payment vouchers

Click in the Form to Customise dropdown list to select a form.

abss cheque and payment voucher forms

After you have selected a form, you can then select a layout from one of the 4 options.

  • Cheque – this is to customise printing of cheques
  • Regular, Payable and Refund are vouchers that you can customise
abss cheque and payment voucher form layouts

Regular is the payment voucher format that applies to payments made through Spend Money.

Payable is for when you use Pay Bills to pay a supplier.

Refund is for when you pay a refund to a customer.


For customising receipts in ABSS, there are two default layouts, Plain Paper and Pre-printed.

Remittance advices

A remittance advice is used to notify the party you are paying what the payment is for, and will include details such as the payment date, amount, and any invoice or reference numbers.

There are 3 layouts that you can select from:

  • Pay Bills, which is used for payments to suppliers,
  • Spend Money is used for payments of expenses, and,
  • Credit Refunds for refunds that you pay out to customers.

Sales invoices

For sales, you can select to customise invoices, delivery orders, as well as labels.

Sales form layouts

Each layout that you select will have multiple default forms that you can select from for your purpose.

Once you select a layout, you can select a form to customise.

Here are the 2 most commonly used layouts

Service sale forms

customise service sale invoice format

Item sale forms

customise item sales forms

Statement of accounts

You can customise statement of accounts for either Invoice or Activity.

customise statement of accounts

Purchase Orders

There are 3 layouts for purchase orders, Service, Item, as well as Professional.

customise purchase orders

Purchase order for services

customise purchase orders for services

Purchase order for items

customise purchase orders for items

There is also an option for customising Mailing Labels.

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