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MYOB Accounts List

The Accounts List in MYOB maintains a list of accounts that help you organise and track your business transactions.

For example, if you rent an office space for your business, you will have a Rental account in the Accounts List to record payments for this expense.

Similarly, you may have Sales, Cost of Sales, Assets account among others.

In short, an account groups similar transactions so that you can see at a glance how much was incurred during the financial period.

To access the Accounts List, click on Accounts in the Command Centre, then click Accounts List.

myob accounts list

You may also access Accounts List from the menu at the top.

You can either:

  • Click on Lists, then Accounts, or
  • Click on Command Centre, point to Accounts, then click on Accounts List

Short cut keys – Alt + I + A

myob accounts list menu

The Accounts List window is organised into 9 tabs.

Clicking on each tab will filter the list according to the tab you selected.

All AccountsList of all accounts N/A
AssetAsset accounts (Office equipment, Trade Debtors, Bank, etc)1
LiabilityLiability accounts (Trade Creditors, Accruals, etc)2
EquityCapital, current and retained earnings3
IncomeIncome accounts (Sales, etc)4
Cost of salesCost of sales accounts (Discount allowed, Freight charges, etc)5
ExpenseExpense accounts (Telephone, Electricity, Bank charges, etc)6
Other incomeIncome accounts that are not related to your normal business8
Other expensesExpense accounts that are not related to your normal business9

MYOB identifies the type of account by the prefix.

So, if an account number starts with “4”, MYOB knows this is an Income account.

For that reason, although account numbers are 5 digits long in MYOB, you can only use the last 4 digits to number your accounts.

Before you start creating your chart of accounts in MYOB, it’s best to understand certain aspects and how it will affect your organisation of it

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