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Depending on the nature of your business, MYOB has different sales invoice layouts for you to use when issuing an invoice to your customer.

There are 4 layouts to select from in MYOB Accounting, and with MYOB Premier, you also have a fifth layout for Time Billing.

sales layouts in myob accounting

MYOB Accounting Sales Invoice Layouts

sales layouts in myob premier

MYOB Premier Sales Invoice Layouts

Keep in mind that these are data entry screen layouts, not the printed invoice that you send to your customers.

Printed forms can be customised to suit your requirements.

Selecting a default sales invoice layout

If you know which sales layout you will be using most frequently, you can set it as default in Easy Setup Assistant.

Changing a sales invoice layout

If you are already in the Enter Sales screen, and wish to change the layout, you can do so by clicking on the Layout button at the bottom left of the screen.

myob select sales layout

Service Layout

myob sales layout - service
myob sales layout - service

The service layout is suitable for businesses that engage in providing services to their customers.

This layout provides a column for you to enter a description of the service and you can enter your service fees in the amount column.

Item Layout

myob sales layout - item
myob sales layout - item

Item Layout provides a column for quantity, and you will need to select the item you are selling.

To use the item layout, you must have already created inventory items.

This layout is suitable for businesses that buy and sell goods.

Professional Layout

myob sales layout - professional

Professional layout is quite similar to Service layout, except you have an additional column to enter the date the service was provided.

Miscellaneous Layout

myob sales layout - miscellaneous
myob sales layout - miscellaneous

This layout is used to make adjustments.

For example, if after an audit, you need to make adjustments to your Trade Debtors account, you would use the miscellaneous layout.

Note that this is different from issuing credit notes to your customers.

Time Billing Layout

This layout is only available in MYOB Premier.

myob sales layout - time billing
myob sales layout - time billing

If you invoice customers based on service activities, then use this layout to include the activity and rate for charge out.

This layout is used mostly by professional firms.

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