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Upgrading ABSS Accounting

Upgrading ABSS Accounting is a 3 step process:

• Install ABSS Accounting

The first step is to install the new version.

If you need help with that, watch this tutorial first – Installing ABSS Accounting

• Upgrade your company file

Your existing company file will need to be upgraded to the new version before you can continue using it.

This process involves ABSS making a copy of your existing file, and adding in the new features.

All your existing data will be carried across to the new file.

Best practice: As always, before you upgrade your file, it’s good practice to make a backup first.

• Upgrade Forms and custom templates

The same with your company files, you will also need to upgrade your forms, like invoice, purchase order, etc, before you can use them with the new version.

This video also takes you through the process of doing this.

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