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You can access the Cards List window in 2 ways:

In the MYOB Command Centre, click on Card File, then click on Cards List

myob card list menu

From the top menu, click on Command Centres, then point to Card File, and click on Cards List

The short cut key for this is Ctrl + F

myob card list menu

The MYOB Cards List window

In the Cards List screen, there are 5 tabs at the top as shown in the image below:

myob cards list

The All Cards tab will list all the cards you have created.

The Type of card is shown in the second last column.

myob cards list - all cards

Clicking on the Customer tab will filter the list and display only Customer cards.

The real time balance for each customer is shown in the last column.

myob cards list - customers

Similarly, when you click on the Supplier tab, MYOB filters and displays only the Supplier cards you have created.

The balance you owe to each supplier is shown in the last column.

myob cards list - suppliers

The fourth tab is Employee and will display only Employee cards when clicked.

myob cards list - employees

Card Types

There are four different card types in MYOB:

  1. Customers
  2. Suppliers
  3. Employees
  4. Personal

Generally, we mostly use the first 3, and hardly use Personal cards.

Creating a new card

To create a new card, click the New button at the bottom left of the screen.

myob cards list - create new card

Editing card details

There are 3 ways you can edit the details of an existing card:

  1. Double click on the record you wish to edit
  2. Select the record, then click the Edit button at the bottom right of your screen
  3. You can click on the arrow next to the card
myob cards list - edit card details
myob cards list - edit card details

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